Yaboku (野木) are trees bearing the ranka of wild plants and animals, including youma. Some trees, such as those for fish, grow underwater. Because certain rare plants may be used to create substances such as medicines from yaboku, some people have developed a career looking for wild ranka trees and the location of some trees are closely guarded secrets.

Like riboku, the trees have long white branches and trunks made of substance that cannot be cut even by weapons such as the Suiguutou. The branches are low and form a wide base around the trunk, allowing travelers to find shelter beneath the branches. Youma and animals that would normally attack each other are never born at the same time, nor will any animals or youma attack any creature in the shelter of a yaboku. As a result, many travelers unable to reach the safety of a village before nightfall will try to find a yaboku as a form of shelter during the night.

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