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Taisai of kei

Taisai of Kei

The Taisai (大宰)[1] is the chief minister of the Ministry of Heaven, which is one of the Six Ministries in the court which serves directly under the ruler. The rank is also translated as the "Palace Administrator" and the "Minister of Court".

The Taisai's role is to manage affairs directly related to the monarch of the kingdom. These duties include managing the royal household, thus members of the Ministry of Heaven must prove themselves to be trustworthy as they are charged with dealing with a ruler's day-to-day needs.

Known Taisai[]

  • Kaki, the Taisai for the kingdom of Kei at the beginning of Youko's reign in the anime series.
  • Shouyou, the Taisai of the kingdom of Hou during the reign of Chuutatsu, later appointed as chousai during the interregnum.