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The kingdom of Tai is one of the four "outer" kingdoms and is located in the northeastern part of the Twelve Kingdoms. Its capital city is Kouki and its royal palace is known as the Whitejewel (Hakkei) Palace. The country has been in the midst of a civil war ever since the apparent death of Saku Gyousou (乍驍宗), the most recent king of Tai, and the disappearance of Taiki. It is believed that Taiki is not dead, as no new ranka has appeared on Mount Hou for the kingdom of Tai.

In Tai's history, the royal forename has changed once, from Tai to Tai . The last ruler to have the forename 代 had attempted to raze the Shashinboku to prevent another kirin for Tai to be born and choose another king after his Taiki died. Heaven expressed that a grievious crime had been committed by changing the forename of Tai.[1]

Prior to Gyousou's ascension to the throne, Tai had been ruled by a king posthumously known as Kyou-ou (驕王, the Arrogant King), who eventually died when he lost the way and the previous Taiki died from shitsudou. Having ruled for 124 years, he was known for spending extravagantly and indulging in the arts, but had also been a conservative ruler who maintained a strong reign and stable administration during the Era of Harmony. When Gyousou became the new Peace-King, Tai was nearly bankrupt and constantly embroiled in civil war. To ameliorate the situation, Gyousou reduced the number of servants at the palace to a bare minimum, closed parts of the palace that were not used, and fired most of the musicians, which the former king had them in every chamber, each playing a different tune. Gyousou's ascension marked the beginning of Kousi, the Era of Vast Virtue, and the reign of Gyousou as the Virtuous King. However, war continued in Tai and both Taiki and the king disappeared.

Tai is known for its jewel springs and a vast amount of its wealth derived from growing gems, gyoku and precious metals. However, due to the extravagance of the Kyou-ou, the country's natural resource has become severely depleted. As one of the most northern kingdoms, Tai is known for being very cold almost all year and has long winters. In contrast, the people of Tai are frequently stereotyped as being fierce and hot-tempered.


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