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Suugu (騶虞) is a youjyuu that resembles a tiger with large neck muscles suited for combat.[1] They have complex, pearlescent black eyes, and fur that is either mostly black or mostly white, with stripes of the other colour upon their bodies. Their tails are as long as their bodies, and their fur is harder than it looks.

Suugu give off the impression of being very fierce and strong, as well as being bold and sly. They are the fastest of all kijyuu and are very brave, determined, and intelligent. They like agate.

However, suugu are rare and difficult to capture when found. It is said that if one captured and tamed a suugu, the price the suugu is sold for could let a person live out the rest of their life in comfort.

Tora (とら) and Tama (たま), Shoryu's Suugu, are very common names for cats in Japan. Shoryu lends Tama to Rakushun and Tora to Taiki at one point in time. Another Suugu seen is Keito who belongs to the King of Tai, Gyousou. In the novels, Rikou owns a Suugu named Seisai.