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A Shuukou (州候) is the ruler of a province. The rank has been translated variously as "Provincial Lord" or "Governor".

The shuukou of a province given the rank of Kou (侯), which is held also by the kingdom's Chousai and the members of the Sankou. Their position is assigned by the ruler of a kingdom and can only be formally removed from their position by the kingdom's ruler; as such, Atsuyu's self-proclaimed position as the regent of Gen Province is not recognized by Shoryu as a legitimate ruler of Gen Province[1].

Known Shuukou[]

  • By default, the kirin of a kingdom is also the governor of the province containing the kingdom's capital. Any provinces that do not have an appointed governor also fall under the jurisdiction of the kirin and are said to be under "Golden Rule"[2].
  • Gahou, the Governor of Wa Province in the kingdom of Kei. Later arrested and removed on charges of corruption.[2]
  • Koukan, the Governor of Baku Province in the kingdom of Kei. Later appointed to become the new Chousai for the court of Youko Nakajima.[2]
  • Saibou, succeeded Gahou as the Governor of Wa Province, former minister-in-chief in Baku Province.[2]
  • Gen Kai, the Governor of Gen Province in the kingdom of En, who was usurped and imprisoned by his son Atsuyu, who installed himself as the regent of Gen.[1]
  • Gekkei, the Governor of Kei Province in the kingdom of Hou. After leading the uprising and overthrowing Chuutatsu, he later takes responsibility for leading the provisional government in Hou.