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Shougyoku (湘玉) is an acquaintance of Fuukan.[1] She lives in the town of Hekishou, which has grown considerably since her childhood.

As an innkeeper, she lends Fuukan her private room after he loses his after plundering a large amount of currency in a bet to the courtesans he brought to the inn. In exchange for brewing some expensive tea from Kei that Fuukan had brought to the inn, Shougyoku tells him that she will clear his debts.[2]

When Fuukan speculates on whether Atsuyu would have been a good king if his pursuit to preserve his reputation had benefited the people, Shougyoku believes the fact that Enki had not chosen Atsuyu in the first place is a reflection of Atsuyu's unsuitability to become king.[2]

The female innkeeper who appears in anime adaption of Ally of the Moon appears to be based on Shougyoku.