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Shoryu (尚隆, Shouryuu) is the king of En, once known by the Japanese name of Naotaka Saburou Komatsu (小松三郎尚隆, Komatsu Saburou Naotaka). Like Youko, Shoryu is a taika. He has ruled En for approximately five hundred years and is considered a genius of administration. However, Shoryu believes that all kings have the potential to be great and that he is by no means exceptional as a human being.

Originally the young master of the Komatsu clan during feudal Japan, his clan was wiped out shortly after he was found by Enki and accepted Enki's request to become the King of En in the Twelve Kingdoms. As king, he comes to be known as Shoryu, the Chinese pronunciation of the characters for his given name, Naotaka. When he ascends the throne, the Kingdom of En is in a terrible state; during his five hundred year rule, he has led the country to a state of extreme calm and prosperity.

He initially appears to Youko and Rakushun as Fuukan (風漢) and offers both protection and support to Youko as the new Queen of Kei. As such, Shoryu provides her with an army to rescue Keiki and retake the Kingdom of Kei. As a fellow taika, Shoryu feels that he should help guide Youko in her new life and proves himself to be one of her strongest supporters as the new ruler of Kei.