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Shitsu Kiwa (室 季和)[1] is a man who ascends Mount Hou in hopes of being chosen by Kyouki to become the new king of Kyou. He undertakes his pilgrimage at the same time as Shushou and Ren Chodai.

Though Kiwa seems to be charitable and well-prepared, he proves to be increasingly foolish and self-serving throughout his journey. Because he believes that he should endure hardship firsthand, he does not employ goushi, bodyguards who are experienced in travelling the Yellow Sea, and instead mimics their methods and techniques for surviving. Though well-intentioned, he fails to consider the reasons why goushi employ such tactics and does not take warnings seriously, especially if he believes there is an easier option to take. As a result, Kiwa quickly falls into rash behavior upon running into grave danger, such as the various demonic beasts that roam the Yellow Sea. Furthermore, he brings with him an excessively large retinue of servants and material goods to ensure his comfort and as gifts for Kyouki. Even in the most dangerous situations, Kiwa refuses to part with the caravan that he travels in, even when Shushou reasons and attempts to convince him he is better off without it. He eventually flees with his caravan after choosing a dangerous path, despite warnings not to, and abandons his retinue to the dangers of the Yellow Sea.

At one point, Shushou travels with him after dismissing her bodyguard, Gankyuu. However, she is disgusted by his foolishness and failure to account for his actions and abandons him to return for the people he has left behind in his rush to secure his own safety. His servants are saved by Shushou's level-headed thinking in approaching the dangers of the Yellow Sea and what she has learned from Gankyuu. Kiwa's eventual fate is unknown.