Shirei (使令) are a type of Youma that are bound into service by a Kirin. In return for their life-long service, the shirei are given permission to eat the kirin after his or her death. Because the shirei are also bound to the kirin, if a kirin's powers are sealed or if the kirin falls ill, the kirin's shirei would also suffer from the same problem. Because a kirin is subservient to its ruler, shirei will obey the orders of their kingdom's ruler over that of the kirin, unless these actions will endanger their kirin master.

In order to acquire a youma's loyalty, a kirin must subdue the youma first, through a challenge of wills. Kirin cannot fight directly, thus securing shirei is critically important in order to protect themselves from harm. During their initial attempts to secure shirei, a kirin usually must rely on protection provided by their nyokai or their ability to shift into beast form and flee from danger.

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