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Shinsen (神仙) is a collective noun for gods and sennin.


Divinities are regarded as the highest ranking figures in the Twelve Kingdoms. While the people of the Twelve Kingdoms will pray to the gods, many also acknowledge that divine deities may actually be mythical and difficult to determine if they even exist.

  • Tentei (天帝) - The creator god of the Twelve Kingdoms. People also pray to Tentei when they want a ranka. It is said that Tentei selects the next ruler of each country through the kirin. In the novel series, Tentei is often referred to as the Emperor of the Heavens.
  • The Consort - The guardian deity of Mount Hou.
  • Gyoutei - The god of the harvest.
  • Koutei - The god who protects people from Youma.
  • Seioubo (西王母, Queen Mother of the West) - The goddess who lives in the Gozan. Also called the Dowager of the West in the book series.
  • Utei (禹帝, Chinese emperor, god) - The god of water. Utei protects the kingdoms from flood damage.[1]


Sennin (仙人) are immortals in the Twelve Kingdoms. When a person becomes a sennin, he or she will not age and will not die from old age or disease. However, if the person loses the sennin status, he or she will age normally.

  • Gyokuyo - The leader of the Oracles of Mt. Hou, regarded as a goddess amongst the common people of the Twelve Kingdoms. One of her primary duties is to serve as an intermediary between the gods and those on earth.
  • Kenrou Shinkun - A sage who protects the Koukai with his Tenken, Rokuta; he is regarded as a god in the Koukai by the Nyosen of Mt. Hou. In his youth, he had been a boy named Kouya, who befriended the kirin Enki when they were children. Throughout the anime, he is known as "Kouya" in his younger years, and "Kenrou Shinkun" in his later years.