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11:19Keiki: QuoterFinally, my search for you has ended.Quotel English

12:11Keiki: QuoterI swear never to desert my post before your throne.Quotel English

15:52Keiki: QuoterYou are my master, and this sword shall not doubt prove it.Quotel English

16:12Keiki: QuoterI have come to take you back to my world.Quotel English

18:46Keiki: QuoterThe sword of Suiguu can only be wielded by her.Quotel English

19:52Keiki: QuoterWhatever you do, don't close your eyes.Quotel English

21:10Yuka: QuoterHey, please take me with you to the world that you're from. I don't care if anything possesses me.Quotel English

21:20Youko: QuoterI don't want to go anywhere. If we're gone then everybody will start to worry about where we are! And I don't want to cause trouble for anyone.Quotel English

22:30Kaiko: QuoterDo not fear.Quotel English

23:00Youko: QuoterT-The sea. What happened to it? Where is this place? Where am I?Quotel English

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