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Seishou (成笙) is the Daiboku, the master of cavalry and minister in charge of the king's armies, as well as the head of his personal bodyguards. As a general of the Royal Army of En, he is widely regarded for his skill in strategy and feats of arms. By nature, Seishou is not talkative and is shocked by Shoryu's personality.

During the reign of Kyou-Ou, Seishou had been selected as the general of the king's armies. In opposition to Kyou-ou's oppressive rule, Seishou openly admonished him with the knowledge that he would likely be executed. However, Seishou was thrown into prison instead, apparently out of respect for Seishou's capablities. When Kyou-ou finally died, Seishou stubbornly remained in prison and steadfastedly refused to leave until he was officially pardoned for his sentence. When Shoryu ascended the throne, Seishou was given the nickname "Suikyou (酔狂)" meaning "wild drunk" (more colloquially, "crazy") for staying in prison.

Early in Shoryu's reign, he is appointed the rank of daiboku, serving as the personal bodyguard of the king. He is later promoted to become the Daishiba of the Ministry of Summer.[1]