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Seikyou (靖共, Seikyō) has long served as the chousai, the top administrator and Prime Minister, of Kei. Because he has maintained power over the court of Kei for so long, most of the ministries follow his orders and are fairly dismissive of Youko Nakajima because of her lack of experience, understanding of statecraft and politics, and overall knowledge of the Twelve Kingdoms.

Using his considerable influence in the court, he undermines Youko's confidence and authority and meets with her when Keiki is not present, thus unable to advise Youko on the wisest course of action. His chief opponent in the court of Kei is the Taisai, the chief official of the Ministry of Heaven; loyalties between the Six Ministries in Kei's court have long been divided into the Taisai's faction and Seikyou's faction.

In order hold on to his power, Seikyou works to convince Youko that Koukan, the leader of the province of Baku, is a threat to her. After an assassin plots to kill Youko, Seikyou advises Youko that Koukan planned it and that she should execute him, but Keiki advises her to listen to Koukan before acting. When Youko orders Koukan to report, Seikyou has him attacked en route to Gyouten, forcing him to flee. Seikyou continually seeks to confuse Youko, telling her that Gahou is corrupt but advising that no action be taken against him, even though Seikyou secretly supports Gahou.

Youko, citing Seikyou's attempts to manipulate her and his failure to better safeguard her life, demotes Seikyou to fill the position of Taisai and appoints Keiki as chousai. When Youko leaves to study with Enho, Seikyou takes advantage of the situation to usurp Keiki's authority. When the rebels become a threat to Gahou, Seikyou sends a royal army force under general Jinrai to Shisui to scare the rebels into surrendering, unaware of Youko's presence in Wa Province because she told everyone in the court except Keiki that she was going to En. Seikyou's plan fails when Youko appears and takes control of the royal forces and she redirects them against Gahou. After Shoukei convinces Youko that Seikyou is the mastermind behind the plot, Youko has him arrested.