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Ribi (驪媚) is a sincere and diligent person who is a loyal and trusted official of Shoryu. She is the consul to Gen Province.[3]


Before becoming a judiciary official, Ribi had been married and had a daughter. However, her family members did not wish to have their names entered in the Divine Registry alongside her and have since passed away.

In the anime, before Shoryu was appointed King of En, En was deteriorating due to the previous King, Kyou-Ou, repressing the people. Ribi took it upon herself to visit Enki at Mt. Hou and announced herself as a judiciary official. Desperate and upset, she asked she should punish criminals under the circumstances occurring in En and beseeched Enki to choose a new king soon in order to stop the chaos in the kingdom. This upset Enki greatly, who caused a Meishoku and left Ribi without an answer.

Years later, Ribi was appointed a consul to Gen Province by Shoryu. While he informed her that her assignment was tantamount to giving up her life because she will be at the mercy of the provincial lords if anything should happen to her, she accepted and was honoured by the trust that the king had in her. Though she had been ranked relatively low, she had been chosen over Shoryu's advisor Shukou because of her calmer temperament.

However, with Atsuyu's rebellion, she is arrested and imprisoned by the regent. When Enki is captured as well, she, Enki, and an infant are linked via a spell placing a stone and thread around their foreheads, so that if the thread is snapped on one person, the other person will die. Despite all of Enki's disparging remarks towards Shoryu, Ribi defends the king and tells Enki how she was appointed as consul to Gen and why he has distributed people he can trust into certain positions in the government. Ribi, as a competant and trusted official, was promoted to a high position but was sent to a far off post away from court politics that could be damaging to her.

However, in order to free Enki from being a hostage and holding Shoryu back from acting against Atsuyu, she deliberately snaps the thread on Enki's forehead and sacrifices herself and the infant child.