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Renrin (廉麟) is the Kirin of the kingdom of Ren. She is described as a cheerful young woman appearing about eighteen years of age. In contrast to her master, she is very proper and refined.

In Renrin's first appearance in the series, she is requested by Lady Gyokuyo of the sages of Mount Hou to lend them the use of the royal treasure of Ren, a bracelet called the gogoukanda. Because gogoukanda can open a portal to Hourai without causing a shoku, it is instrumental in bringing Taiki back the Twelve Kingdoms.

Because of her role in bringing Taiki back to the Twelve Kingdoms, Gyousou sends Taiki to Ren on a diplomatic visit to thank her. Both Renrin and her king, Seitaku take a liking to Taiki, though instability in their own kingdom leaves them very few opportunities to see Taiki or any of the other kingdoms. However, Renrin and Seitaku willingly offer Renrin's help and the use of the gogoukanda again to find Taiki when he disappears after a civil war breaks out in Tai.