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Ren Chodai (聯 紵台)[1] is a prosperous man from Kyou who runs a business in the kingdom of En.[2] He becomes a pilgrim to ascend Mount Hou in hopes of being chosen by Kyouki to become the new king of Kyou.

Early in the pilgrimage, Chodai winds up leading the caravan of travelers crossing the Yellow Sea after an attack from youma. He does not think well of Gankyuu leaving other pilgrims except his charge, Shushou, and considers him a coward for leaving. His opinion quickly causes an argument between him and another bodyguard, Kinhaku, who believes Chodai should not call Gankyuu a coward if Chodai wasn't willing to stay behind and fight the youma either.

In spite of Shushou's suggestion that he should be more willing to ask for the advice from demon hunters on traveling in the Yellow Sea, Chodai stubbornly refuses to listen because he believes that a king must be a heroic figure and experience everything first hand, without lowering himself by currying favour to the less capable.[3] However, despite how his stubborn attitude puts him at odds with the demon hunters, Chodai is prove to be wise enough to heed warnings given by the demon hunters regarding extremely dangerous paths in the Yellow Sea.