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Located in the southwest, the kingdom of Ren is one of the four "outer" kingdoms. Ren appears to be political stable, though has recently undergone a rebellion that was put down. In contrast to the coldness of Tai, Ren is known to have a warm climate nearly all year and even the poorest people do not have to worry about being cold if they are forced to sleep outside at night.

The king of Ren has ruled for about 30 years and comes from a family of farmers. As such, he is not a person who is familiar with formalities, and prefers to spend his time in his farmyard in the palace. In contrast to him, his kirin Renrin is very proper and places a lot of emphasis on propriety. She possesses an royal treasure: the Gogoukanda ("Serpent Bracelet of Empowerment"), a bracelet that connects the world of the Twelve Kingdoms to Hourai without creating a shoku. It was used to return Taiki to Mt. Hou.

In the novel Kasho no Yume - Toei, Taiki thanks Renrin and the king of Ren for bringing him back to Tai. Renrin is also instrumental in The Shore at Twilight, The Sky at Daybreak (and by extension, in The Demonic Child) in searching for Taiki when he disappears to Japan again.