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Music for the Twelve Kingdoms anime series was primarily composed and arranged by Kunihiko Ryō. Ryō's compositions include the opening theme for the series, Juunigenmukyoku.

The ending theme of the series, Getsumei-Fuuei, was composed and written by Tomohiko Kira, with lyrics by Keiko Kitagawa. The song was performed by Mika Arisaka, who also performed vocal variations for Juunigenmukyoku for the soundtracks of the series.


# Title Release Tracks
1 Illusion of a Shadowed Moon

Juuni Kokuki ED Single "Getsumei Fuuei" (月迷風影)

May 22, 2002 4
2 Musical Suite of Twelve Dreams

Original Soundtrack "Juuni Genmu Kumikyoku" (オリジナルサウンドトラック「十二幻夢組曲)

July 24, 2002 16
3 The Picture Scroll of Twelve Dreams

Image Soundtrack "Juuni Genmu Emaki" (イメージサウンドトラック 「十二幻夢絵巻)

October 23, 2002 25
4 Nocturnal Moondrops ~ Piano Memories

"Yasougetsuda ~ Piano Memories" (「夜想月雫~Piano Memories」)

June 21, 2003 10
5 Sagebrush Mountain Vista ~ Chinese Fiddle Memories

"Yomogi Yama Enkei ~ Kokyuu Memories" (「蓬山遠景 ~胡弓 Memories」)

June 21, 2003 10