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Mount Hou (蓬山, Hohzan[1]) is one of the Five Mountains on the eastern side of the Yellow Sea. In the past, "'Hohzan' once had a different name--'Taizan'--but that was changed after a great calamity, and so, for a thousand years, it has been called 'Hohzan, the Mountain of the Sage's Brush,' and nothing else".[1]

It is the holy land containing the Shashinboku, from which kirin are hatched. The only permanent residents on the mountain are the nyosen, who raise and care for the kirin until it has chosen a monarch, and their leader, the Genkun Gyokuyo.

The mild climate of Mt. Hou is almost always constant, allowing flowers to bloom and fall all year round. The mountain is filled with a number of twisting paths, many which lead to areas known only by the nyosen and the inhabitants of Mt. Hoh.

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