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Kyouki (供麒) is the current kirin of the kingdom of Kyou. His master is Shushou. In contrast to other kirin, he is physically large and not slender, and the colour of his mane is described as being the colour of bright copper.

Notably, Kyouki remained on Mount Hou for twenty-eight years before choosing Shushou to be the new ruler of Kyou. When she began her ascent of Mount Hou, Kyouki immediately sensed her ouki. Upon arriving at the entrance to the sacred mountain's peak, Kyouki and the oracles greeted Shushou as Kyou's new monarch. Though stunned that she had been recognized as the ruler of Kyou, Shushou quickly responded by criticizing Kyouki for not finding her the moment she was born.[2]

Though kirin are known to be benevolent by nature, Kyouki is often criticized by Shushou for being overly sympathetic, especially for people she deems to be unworthy of sympathy, such as Shoukei. While he often questions Shushou's decisions, she responds with logical explanations behind her actions. Shushou also does not hesitate to slap Kyouki for sympathetic tendencies, remarking only that his greater height makes it difficult for her to physically reprimand him. However,