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The kingdom of Kyou is one of the four "middle" kingdoms, bordering the Black Sea and White Sea, and is situated between Ryuu and Han. Its capital city is Renshou and the royal palace is known as Maplefrost (Soufuu) Palace.

Shushou (珠晶, Shushō), the queen of Kyou, has ruled for over 90 years and the kingdom has been described as well-off under her rule. She originally ascended the throne at the age of twelve, twenty-seven years after the death of her predecessor. Though Shushou is often strict and can be capricious, she has demonstrated wisdom and has proven to be a capable ruler. The kingdom maintains good relations with the kingdom of Sou.

It is known that Shushou's predecessor as king was also a woman with an extraordinarily long reign. In contrast to the poor luck that Kei endures with its female rulers, both Shushou and her predecessor have been held in such high regard that the people of Kyou hope that its next ruler will also be female.