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Kourin (塙麟) is the kirin of Kou. She attempts to dissuade the King of Kou from attacking Youko and from losing faith in his own ability as a ruler by constantly comparing himself to the kings of En and Sou. As a kirin, she is bound to obey his orders, regardless of her willingness to do so; under his orders, she reluctantly captures Keiki when he tries to bring Youko to the Twelve Kingdoms and orders her shirei and the demons they command to pursue and attack Youko.

As a result of the king's actions, Kourin begins to suffer from shitsudou. In the anime, she sacrifices herself to stop the King of Kou from attacking Youko. With the death of his kirin, the King of Kou will die within a year. In the novels, both she and the King of Kou are mentioned as having passed away by the time Rakushun begins attending the Daigaku in En[1].