Keika (恵花) is a servant in Shushou's household.[1] She is a year older than Shushou. Her status in the household is one of a live-in maid; though she is not paid a salary, Keika was raised as a member of the household and has been minimally guaranteed room and board along with some standing in the house. Keika's mother was also a live-in maid and Keika herself has worked in Shushou's household since childhood. As such, she and Shushou maintain a relaxed and familiar relationship.

When Shushou decides to go on shouzan, she feigns losing her temper with Keika and dumps a bowl of soup on the servant's head after an argument regarding food and Shushou's desire to become a civil servant. After giving Keika an old robe to replace her ruined worn clothes, Shushou takes the less conspicuous servant's robe as part of her travel clothes[2].

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