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華胥の幽夢 十二国記

Sairin holding the kashokada

Kashokada (華胥華朶, Resplendant Branch of Kasho)[1] is a royal treasure of the kingdom of Sai. Its name, "kasho" (華胥), refers a dream a legendary Chinese emperor once had of an ideal country called the "Land of Kasho" (華胥の国, Kasho no Koku); the expression "kasho" gradually came to mean a "dream of paradise."

The treasure is a jewelled branch that allows the holder to see a vision of paradise. However, the visions presented by the kashokada are subjective; each individual who uses the kashokada will see what a paradise according to their own beliefs and desires for what an ideal world would be.

During the reign of Shishou, he presented the treasure to his kirin, Sairin, as a promise to create a kingdom that would match her dreams. However, Sairin became increasingly distressed that the kingdom failed to match the kingdom of her dreams and contracted shitsudou. With the indirect encouragement of his cousin Eishuku, Shishou's belief that the kingdom was on the path to prosperity was cemented from his own visions from the kashokada until Shishou realized his own follies and abdicated from the throne.