Kakugo (革午) is a man from Takuhou.[1] During the city's occuption under Koshou's rebel army, Kakugo and six other mem representing the people of city approach Koshou, expressing that they considers themselves prisoners of war under the rebels, who are perceived as outlaws. However, they reluctantly cooperate with the rebels, being grateful that they managed to overthrow Shoukou, the corrupt praetor of the prefecture.

Though Kakugo and his fellow citizens do not like Shoukou, they do not want to risk losing their lives fighting against the Royal Army when it is sent to quell the rebellion. As a result, he has difficulty believing the assertions from Shoukei and Suzu that the true ruler of Kei will save them and she was not responsible for sending the Royal Army to Takuhou to punish them. After Shoukei reveals herself as the former Princess of Hou and Suzu presents her traveller's chop stamped by the ruler of Sai, Kakugo and his men agree to wait for the ruler of Kei to act and hold back from surrendering to the Royal Army.

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