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Juuni Kokuki: Guren no Shirube Koujin no Michi (十二国記 - 紅蓮の標 黄塵の路, Twelve Kingdoms: Mark of the Crimson Lotus, Road of Yellow Dust) is a video game based on Fuyumi Ono's fantasy books and popular anime series, The Twelve Kingdoms.[1]

The game was produced by Konami and released in 2003 for Playstation 2. The sequel to the game is Juuni Kokuki: Kakukakutaru Oudou Kouryoku no Uka, which directly follows the events of Guren no Shirube Koujin no Michi.


Based on The Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Shadow, the game follows the adventures of Youko Nakajima, an ordinary high school student who is taken from Japan to the Twelve Kingdoms by a mysterious man named Keiki. Upon arriving in the Twelve Kingdoms, Youko struggles to survive and realize her destiny.

Based on the player's decisions the end storyline can vary from original anime/novel ending.

Game Play[]

Protagonist's Weapons[]

Weapon of player's Suiguutou attribute is changed by using the technique in Sakuchu:

    • Non-attribute: water Suiguutou
    • Fire element: Fire sword
    • Wind Element: Kamikaze sword
    • Water element: Freezing sword
    • Earth element: Quicksand sword

Crystal stones are used for each attribute and are obtained at the end of battle. In addition, the skill of the attribute can reach up to 5 and is available at the level of the attribute that increases. This requires the willpower to use the technique, and can increase damage of a special attack. Also, when you attack with an attribute that is the weakness of the enemy, the amount of willpower rises, increasing damage.

Mini Games[]

  • Twelve Kingdoms Tiles
    • This Mini Game is a Fighting Card Game against the computer.
  • Twelve Kingdoms Course
    • This Mini Game Quizzes you on the world of the Twelve Kingdoms. It consists of 5 stages of difficulty with 10 levels in each. Each level has 10 questions- equaling out to 100 questions per stage.[2]

Strategy Guide[]

There is a strategy guide called Juuni Kokuki Guren no Shirube Koujin no Michi Official Strategy Guide (十二国記 紅蓮の標 黄塵の路 公式攻略ガイド).