Joshou (相如昇, Sou Joshou) is Shushou's father, a wealthy middle-aged merchant who resides in Renshou, the capital of Kyou. His nickname is Banko (万賈), implying that in his career as a merchant, there is no trade that he is not involved in.[1] While Joshou began his business in forestry, which was common throughout Kyou, he garnered a reputation as a merchant of considerable means through his own ability. His wealth and honours are so well known that the people of Renshou often say that one could only hope in vain to exceed those of Banko, as no one of that nature exists. He is well respected by his servants for his ability to manage his business and household with great competance.

Joshou is said to be blessed in not only in material wealth, but also with a wise wife, Hajou. His three sons and three eldest daughters are all described as having a strong character and brilliant business sense. Shushou is his fourth and youngest daughter and much younger than the rest of his children. She is known for possessing a different character than the rest of his family and Joshou finds it particularly difficult to understand Shushou's steadfast desire to become a civil servant instead of going into business as the rest of his children have. Though Shushou suggests that her father go on a shouzan to become the next ruler of Kyou, he acknowledges his own sense of limitation to her when he admits to being a ordinary merchant.

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