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Jinrai (迅雷) is the General of the Left Division of the Royal Army of Kei and is the commander of the most powerful army in the kingdom.[1] Seikyou sends the Royal Army army force under general Jinrai to Shisui to scare the rebels into surrendering, unaware of Youko's presence in Wa Province.

Despite Jinrai's own personal misgivings that it was too dangerous to march into Shisui, he could not refuse a direct order from the Master of Cavalry, who was backed by Seikyou. When Youko and Keiki confront him on the battlefield, he immediately recognizes her because he had stood behind her during her coronation and at the temple ceremony afterward. Though he tries to reassure himself that Youko is just a girl and a common king like her predecessor, he is intimidated and frightened by Youko's appearance and her threats to consider all the soldiers in the palace guard as traitors to the kingdom.

In order to spare himself and the army from being held responsible for the march into Shisui, Jinrai complies to Youko's orders to lead one regiment of the palace guard to Meikaku to apprehend Gahou alive and free Enho while another regiment is ordered to return to Gyouten to arrest Seikyou unharmed.

Upon Youko's return to the court, she arranges for the three generals of the Ei Provincial Guard to resign from their posts and Jinrai is demoted with the General of the Right and Middle Divisions to fill the Ei Provincial Generals' posts. He is succeeded by Kantai as the new General of the Left.