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Itan (帷湍) is the adjutant of the Ministry of Earth in En during the Sea God of the East, Vast Sea of the West arc of the series.[1] In the epilogue, he is promoted to the rank of Daishito, the chief clerk and minister of the Ministry of Earth.

Originally a field ward official (田猟, denryou), Itan had expressed his outrage towards the king for taking six years to ascend his throne by throwing the registry of households at Shoryu's feet to show how many people in the kingdom had died during those six years. Though prepared to die for his insolence, Itan was determined to ensure that the nobody would forget the kingdom's suffering in light of their jubiliation that a new king had ascended. However, Shoryu had been amused and Itan was stripped of his post by the Daishito and put under house arrest. Several days afterward, he was promoted to the rank of adjutant (遂人 suijin) in the Ministry of Earth. As a result of the incident, Shoryu nicknames him "Chototsu (猪突)", meaning headstrong.

He is a competent official and not corrupt, but his shortcoming is that he is impulsive and hotheaded. Though he does not approve of how lax Shoryu acts, he is unfailingly loyal to the king. In order to reduce bias within his court, Shoryu elects to shuffle the positions of his officials every so often[2]. Shortly after reaching Shoryu's reign reaches 100 years, Itan is recommended to the position of chousai, but he rejects it and insists on becoming the taisai under the threat of retiring if he could not obtain the position. Much to Shoryu and Enki's consternation, Itan attempts to use his role as the Minister of Court to force the duo into reforming their lax and somewhat irresponsible attitudes.[2]