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Ikuya Asano (浅野郁也, Asano Ikuya) is one of Youko Nakajima’s classmates. He has known Youko since childhood and is also Yuka Sugimoto's boyfriend. Transported to the Kingdom of Kou with Youko and Sugimoto, Asano conceals his deep set apathy under an energetic demeanor. When Sugimoto turns on Youko, he finds his loyalty split between them and eventually goes missing after a battle between Sugimoto and Youko when he falls from a cliff. He is not seen by either of them for some time, though is believed to be alive, particularly after Kourin requests for the former prince and princess of Kou to care for Asano should they find him.

Asano eventually becomes part of a group of shusei and works for them as an accountant as they traveled through the kingdoms. However, being in a completely alien country and lacking the ability to speak or understand the language, the strain has taken a toll on his sanity. After acquiring an antiquated pistol washed up from the Void Sea, Asano comes to believe the world of the Twelve Kingdoms is some sort of game that will end only after he kills everyone. His mental state is briefly stabilized after meeting and travelling with Suzu and her friend Seishuu during their journey to the Kingdom of Kei, though they are separated afterward.

As his sanity continues to erode, Asano questions the reason he was ever brought to Kou and seemingly can't find a reason for his life to go on, coming to believe that the entire world around him is twisted and evil. He falls under the influence of the corrupt and manipulative provincial governor Shoukou, until he meets Youko again. After she tells him about her adventures and how she's decided to stay and fight for Kei, Asano accepts Youko's offer to work for her and the resistence as a last chance at redemption. However, while performing a mission for them, he is fatally stabbed by an enemy and dies in Shoukei's arms.

In the novels, Asano does not exist and Youko attends an all girls school.