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Heki-Rakujin (壁落人) is a teacher at a Shoujyo located in the Kingdom of En. He is a kaikyaku who was blown over to the Twelve Kingdoms 30 years ago, arriving when he was twenty-two years old. His name derives from his participation the student protests at Japan's elite Tokyo University in January 1969, when a group of hardliners barricaded themselves in Yasuda Hall until heavily-armed riot police were mobilized to evict them by force. When he attempted to sneak out of the lecture hall by crawling under one of the desks, a wall collapsed and he found himself in the Twelve Kingdoms. Though he knew basic Mandarin Chinese, he found that it was insufficient to verbally communicate with others and relied on writing to communicate until he learned to speak the language.

After living in Kei for several years, he moved to En and became a biology teacher at a local school and studies the native language of the Twelve Kingdoms. When Rakushun and Youko arrive in En, they meet him and to learn more about the strange circumstances surrounding Youko since her arrival into the Twelve Kingdoms and if it is possible for her to return to Hourai. Instead, they learn that Youko is a taika, in addition to being a kaikyaku; Heki also suspects that Youko is likely not human since she has been able to heal to quickly, but suggests that she is not a demon either, as Youko suspects herself to be.

Heki is first seen in episode 09 in the anime; unlike the novel, he is present when Rakushun discerns that Youko is the rightful ruler of Kei when she reveals the nature of her first meeting with Keiki. Heki also attempts to help Yuka Sugimoto adjust to living in the Twelve Kingdoms, with minimal results.

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