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The westernmost kingdom of the twelve and bordering the White Sea, the kingdom of Han is one the four "central" kingdoms. The current king of Han, Go Ranjou (呉 藍滌), and his kirin, Hanrin, have ruled their kingdom for 300 years. Their relationship with the King of En and Enki is rather cold and Enki considers them to be rather eccentric. Go Ranjou is known for his aesthetic sense and is very particular with the appearances of everything while Hanrin is somewhat flippant.

Since the ascension of Go Ranjou, Han is known for its skilled artisans and the beautiful crafts it produces, including the finest tools to create such works. Many tools and accessories exported from Han to the other kingdoms. The kingdom has a mutual working relationship with Tai, as Tai has supplied Han with raw materials for its craft production. Han shares a substantial relationship with En; Enki notes that while En is skilled at construction of infrastructure like roads, buildings, and ports, they require the talents of Han's artisans as well. However, Han and Kei have not enjoyed diplomatic relations in the past.