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Not to be confused with Gyokuyo, the goddess who resides on Mount Hou.

Gyokuyou (玉葉) is child of Bishin and is a candy peddler.

In the novels, she and her mother make a very brief appearance in The Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Shadow, where she is referred to as Kuyo. She and her mother find Youko on the road in a forest in Kou. Noticing that Youko is exhausted and near collaspe, Kuyo offers sugar water to Youko to help rehydrate her. However, Youko rebuffs the efforts of the mother and daughter for her to travel with them into a town for the night, as Youko is unable to trust others after being betrayed so many times. When Youko meets them again enroute to En, Kuyo inquires after Youko's health, noting that her mother had told her that Youko had been grumpy because she had been tired. Youko thanks Kuyo and her mother for their kindness before parting ways with them, as she tries to find Rakushun.

In the anime, Gyokuyo's role is expanded alongside her mother's role. She travels with her mother and a group of performers. Like her mother, she is a shusei.