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Renrin using the gogoukanda

Gogoukanda (呉剛環蛇, Serpent Bracelet of Empowerment)[1] is one of the royal treasures of Ren, currently in the possession of the current Renrin. It has the ability to link the Twelve Kingdoms with Hourai without causing a harmful Shoku. When in use, the person that is to go through the portal must hold onto the user of the bracelet.

It is first seen when Taiki is recovered from Hourai in The Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Wind. The bracelet is also instrumental during the collective effort of the kingdoms to find Taiki in The Shore at Twilight, The Sky at Daybreak, after Taiki's second disapperance.

In the Sea of Wind novel, the Gogoukanda is described as a two tailed snake with platinum scales that can shift into a silver bracelet. When in use the the body creates a loop with its head biting one of its tails while the other is wrapped around its owner. In the anime it is seen as a slender rope that can retract into a bracelet.