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Fu-ou (扶王, Levy-King) is a former king of Sai. He was succeeded by Shishou (posthumously known as Go-ou).

During his reign, he had been known for being too lenient, which a number of his ministers took advantage of. As a result, his favoured concubine, Riyo, took it upon herself to punish the ministers with the connections she cultivated in court and accepted the hatred that the king would have received. As a result, she greatly aided the Levy-King and openly censured him when he began to lose the way, which prevented his reign from falling. As a reward for her efforts, Fu-ou rewarded Riyo by granting her the Bluemist Aerie and conferred upon her the status of a sennin.

However, the ministers eventually disposed of Riyo because she had too much power in court and exiled her to the Bluemist Aerie. Her lack of influence greatly contributed to the king's eventual ruin as Fu-ou's reign ended soon afterward.