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A map of the Five Mountains.

The Five Mountains (五山, Gozan)[1] are located on an island in the center of the Yellow Sea. It is home to the Nyosen and gods.

"The peaks reach high enough to touch the very sky, yet like the Yellow Sea at their base, they are mostly barren, vast expanses of rock and falling water, marked with rare patches of green and linked together by the strange geography of the land and the endless embrace of ceaseless winds.

In the wild enormity of the Five Mountains, there is one place where people live: the small temple complex of Brush Jar Palace, on the midslopes of Hohzan".[2]


  • Mount Hou (蓬山, Hohzan) - The mountain where kirin are raised, located in the eastern portion of the Five Mountains.
  • Mount Ka (華山, Kazan) - The westernmost mountains in the Yellow Sea, said to be where Seioubo resides.[3]
  • Mount Kaku (霍山, Kakuzan) - The southernmost mountain the Yellow Sea.
  • Mount Kou (恒山, Kouzan) - The northernmost mountain in the Yellow Sea, said to be a good place to hunt for Youjyuu.
  • Suukou (崇高) - The highest of all the Five Mountains, said to be where Tentei resides.