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Enho (遠甫) is a wise man who lives in the city of Hokui in the province of Ei, where Keiki is the provincial governor. When Youko decides that she knows too little about her kingdom to rule wisely, Keiki sends her to Enho to study. Among the citizens of Kei, only Youko, Keiki, and Enho know of this arrangement; the court is told that Youko has left Kei to study under the king of En.

When she arrives, Enho's rike is under attack by youma, and she acts to save Enho and the rike's other residents, but only Enho, a girl named Rangyoku, and her brother Keikei survive. Youko learns a number of general lessons about the workings of the Twelve Kingdoms, as well as her own kingdom, in her lessons with Enho. However, she becomes distracted when Keiki indicates that the court is continuing to act against her wishes and she suspects that Enho's visitors are connected with a rebellion brewing in Kei's Wa Province.

When Youko leaves to visit Takuhou and Meikaku, the rike is attacked by Shoukou's men; Rangyoku is killed, Keikei is injured, and Enho is abducted and taken to Gahou as a prisoner. Youko moves to rescue Enho and learns from Suzu that Shoukou was responsible for Enho's abduction. When she captures Shoukou, he reveals that Enho is held by Gahou. As she learns from Enho's captors, the elderly man was surprisingly difficult to kill, so he was captured instead. Enho is rescued when Youko sends the royal army to attack Gahou. Realizing she would benefit by continuing to learn under Enho, Youko invites him to become her Taishi, which Enho gladly accepts, revealing at the same time that he is a Sennin and once served as an advisor to Tatsu, a previous king of Kei.

Enho is known by a number of aliases; his true name is actually Etsu Otsu (乙悦, Otsu Etsu). Under the name Shouhaku (松伯, Shōhaku, "Count Shou"), Enho was known as a legendary higher sage who served Tatsu (達王, Tatsu-ou), a great and beloved King of Kei, and was responsible for sealing Aozaru into the Suigūtō's sheath. During this time, he was also known as Roushou (老松, Rōshō).