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The Kingdom of En is a flourishing kingdom that has been ruled by the current king for over 500 years. It is one of the four "middle" kingdoms and is located between the kingdoms of Ryuu and Kei. Because it is located on the eastern coast of the Twelve Kingdoms, it also receives a number of kaikyaku. The kingdom's capital is Kankyuu (関弓), on Mount Kankyuu, where the royal Shadowlore (Genei) Palace is located at its peak.

The kingdom of En is peaceful and prosperous. The country is well-populated and has large cities with beautiful buildings. Agricultural land in En is fertile and provides the citizens of En with food; the kingdom's economy includes wheat farming and livestock domestication, but possesses no mines for gyoku or stones. Because of its political and economic stability, En has taken in refugees from the less stable kingdoms of Kei and Tai. Additionally, En has shown itself to be a social progressive kingdom, welcoming and providing services for kaikyaku and permitting hanjyuu to attend higher levels of education or to obtain employment. Youma are rarely seen.

The current Ever-King, Shouryuu, and Enki are both taika from Japan. Shoryu's immediate predecessor, the Owl King, was known to have been a benevolent ruler until he began tormenting his people, flooding and burning towns that opposed him and eliminating ministers who spoke against him. He eventually died after forcing the people of En to build a great mausoleum to him. His kirin tried to find a new ruler but died of natural causes after 30 years.

After Enki and Shouryuu's return to the Twelve Kingdoms, Shouryuu was able to gradually restore order to the chaotic land and bring about its eventual prosperity. However, one hundred years after Shouryuu took the throne, he was forced to suppress a rebellion led by Atsuyu, the Regent of Gen Province.

In episode 21 of the anime, Enki notes that the countries surrounding En (Kei, Ryuu, and Tai) have been unstable and worries about how it will affect En.


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