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Daishikou (大司寇)[1] is one of chief ministers of the Six Ministries and the chief minister of the Ministry of Fall. The daishikou is specifically charged with the administration of law, which consists of judicial and foreign affairs. The daishikou is assigned the rank of Keihaku in court.

Known Daishikou[]

  • Daishikou of En - Shukou
  • Daishikou of Kei - The unnamed daishikou is aligned with Seikyou's faction in the court of Kei. Though Youko does not arrest the Minister of Law after Seikyou's arrest, Youko warns the Daishikou that there will be consequences if the minister fails to see that justice is delivered for Seikyou's actions. In the anime, the Daishikou of Kei is depicted as a woman.
  • Daishikou of Ryu - Enga, the Prince of Ryu and the son of the current king, Jo Rohou.