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Bunki (文姫) is the daughter of Senshin, the king of Sou. She has two brothers, Ritatsu and Rikou.[2] Though practical minded and strong-willed, she possesses a lively personality and is eager to experience new things; Rikou remarks that she would get along well with Shushou, the ruler of the Kingdom of Kyou[3].

She serves as the Taisui, Executive Director at Hosui Havens (Sou Kingdom's sanctuaries for refugees and homeless) with her brother. In the anime, it is said that she helped build a public hospital. Bunki is described as being a highly efficient individual who works closely with her father; she and her father are said to have perfected each other's signatures to finish off paperwork quickly.[4]

During the events of the short story, Kasho, Bunki welcomes the officials from Sai, Shuka and Eishuku, who have accompanied Sairin to Sou in order to recuperate, despite the fact she is obviously suffering from shitsudou. After providing comfortable accommodations for Sairin, Shuka, and Eishuku, Bunki offers Shuka and Eishuku the opportunity to become officials in Sou, as she recognizes their ability. Though Shuka nearly accepts, Eishuku declines for both of them, reminding Shuka that even if their kingdom falls into ruin, their foremost responsibility is to the king of Sai and to the kingdom of Sai.

Though Bunki has demonstrated herself to be a capable and responsible individual, she appears to take most unexpected events with good humour. Seishou holds a grudge over Shoryu and Enki when they caught causing trouble in Sou, as the princess apparently laughed that it was good that En had become so peaceful when Seishou was forced to escort the king and Taiho back to En.[5]


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    Bunki is technically 618 years old, after being entered in the Divine Registry with her father's ascension as the King of Sou
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