This page is an overview listing the major geographic features of the Twelve Kingdoms. For more detailed description of the Twelve Kingdoms, see Kingdoms.

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Kingdoms[edit | edit source]

There are twelve kingdoms in the world surrounded by the Void Sea. Each of the kingdoms is subdivided into smaller regions.

  • Provinces - These are subdivisions of a kingdom that host their own capital and Shuukou. There are nine of these inside each kingdom and they all hold similar entities. Each province in the kingdom has a capital, but only one province holds, and is, the kingdom's capital.
    • Provincial Capital
      • Districts - four prefectures
        • Prefectures - five counties
          • County
            • Cities

Sea[edit | edit source]

Contained in the mainland of the Twelve Kingdoms are four seas, with all the kingdoms surrounded by the Void Sea. A series of mountains in the centre of the world is also referred to as a sea.

Black Sea[edit | edit source]

The Black Sea is the sea to the north. It borders the following three kingdoms.

Blue Sea[edit | edit source]

The Blue Sea is to the east. It borders the following three kingdoms.

Red Sea[edit | edit source]

The Red Sea is to the south. It borders the following three kingdoms.

White Sea[edit | edit source]

The White Sea is to the west. It borders the following three kingdoms.

Yellow Sea[edit | edit source]

The Yellow Sea, also known as Koukai, is only a sea by name and is actually an island surrounded by four inland seas.

  • The Black Sea in the north
  • The Blue Sea to the east
  • The Red Sea in the south
  • The White Sea to the west.

Sea of Emptiness[edit | edit source]

The Sea of Emptiness, also known as Kyokai (虚海 Void Sea), separates Hourai from the Twelve Kingdoms and cannot be crossed by ordinary means. It also separates the following four kingdoms from the rest of the mainland.

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