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Keiki: Quoter.gifThere is an unpleasant smell in the air. It seems to be coming from you, Your Majesty.Quotel.gif English

Kantai: Quoter.gifYou're quite a brave girl throwing a stone at soldiers.Quotel.gif English

Koshou: Quoter.gifIf they say Shikin, in San Prefecture, in Baku Province, they're on our side. Then you tell them you're Otsuetsu from Roushou.Quotel.gif English

Suzu: Quoter.gifLike Queen Kei?Quotel.gif English

Suzu: Quoter.gifI guess Queen Kei is no different than the last queenQuotel.gif English

Keiki: Quoter.gifIs it the child who was run over by Shoukou?Quotel.gif English

Youko: Quoter.gifI had no idea crucifixions were still being done in KeiQuotel.gif English

Keiki: Quoter.gifCrucifixions?Quotel.gif English

Suzu: Quoter.gifI'm Suzu, Suzu Ooki.Quotel.gif English

Koshou: Quoter.gifSuzu, I want you to go to Lou's place and pick up the goods again tomorrow. We should move out of here soon.Quotel.gif English

Suzu: Quoter.gifShe didn't look like she was a bad person, thoughQuotel.gif English

Sekki: Quoter.gifBut she wasn't an ordinary person either.Quotel.gif English

Keikei: Quoter.gifStop it!Quotel.gif English

Asano: Quoter.gifBecause everything in this world is trying to kill me. I'm going to save Queen Kei, then go back to my world.Quotel.gif English

Youko: Quoter.gifForget it Keiki.Quotel.gif English

Keiki: Quoter.gifI smell blood.Quotel.gif English

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